Eric Cooperstein, PLLC

In this week’s edition of How Lawyers Work: Eric Cooperstein. Eric is a solo lawyer in Minneapolis dedicated to representing lawyers in legal ethics matters. He is the owner of Eric Cooperstein, PLLC. More on



Should Lawyers Be Able to Discuss Client Information That’s Already Public |

It isn’t often that you see a relatively technical debate about legal ethics and what information lawyers may reveal about clients playing out in real time in the non-legal press, but that’s what we have happening right now. Donald Trump seems to be taxing lawyers’ abilities to stay quiet about their past representation of him… More on

Law School Under Fire

It is an old and tired joke that everyone hates lawyers, but right now, it is law schools that are getting bashed around by, well, everyone. From low bar passage rates to the student debt crisis and everything in between, there is a continual drumbeat from media outlets that law schools basically suck. […]

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